Monday, June 18, 2012

 ISTE Coming Up!

Wow, a lot has happened since the last time I posted.  School is over for the summer.  Lots of changes in our district.  I am teaching two online classes this summer.  I am teaching a Web Design class for the Montana Digital Academy and a Moodle class for teachers for WM-CSPD. I am creating the Moodle class from scratch so that has been taking a lot of time.

Went to a meeting this morning about the future of CTE (Career & Technical Education).  We discussed many directions that CTE might take.  Talked about tightening up our Career Pathways, Dual Credit/Articulations and Internships. More research will be done and we will meet again.

Getting excited about going to ISTE and co-presenting.  Spoke with Joe Dockery this afternoon about the presentation and other Adobe events, such as dinners, receptions and serving in the Adobe booth.  I am very excited about being able to serve in the Adobe booth.  In fact, I was going to call my Adobe contact to see if they needed any help in the booth.  I started to realize that I really need to get my ISTE schedule under control.  I have also signed up for many workshops.

I also received e-mails from the Flat Classroom creators, Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsey.  The would like the Flat Classroom Certified teachers to help out a poster sessions they are doing.  Therefore, I put together my schedule between the workshops I signed up for, the Adobe/AEL activites, co-presenting to see if I had time to help out with the Flat Classroom poster sessions.  Found a window of time to be able to do this.

It is going to be a very busy week, but it is all stuff that I love, so I am really excited.

I am going to Schoolwires training on Wednesday and Thursday of this week in a kind of train the trainer model.  I fly to San Diego to where ISTE is this year on Friday.  Going to spend most of tomorrow staying on top of my online courses, studying for my co-presentation on DSLR Video and starting to get all of my gear organized to pack for ISTE.

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