Saturday, July 19, 2014

I am on my way to the Adobe Education Leaders Institute held at Adobe Headquarters in San Jose, California. I recently won the Adobe Education Leaders Impact Award and will be presenting at this institute about the Sentinel Design Lab. I am excited to let people know that we are doing some great things at Missoula County Public Schools, Montana. Evidently this presentation will be also available virtually at: Sparking Creative Catalysts.

We have done a lot of creative things at Sentinel High School and I am proud to be able to present them to other Adobe Education Leaders and creatives. This session introduces an innovative way for students to become entrepreneurs using Adobe products in the high school classroom and beyond. This program is a unique example of 21st century education at its best: an environment where students work with instructors to shape their own education and become productive members of the community. Students in this program receive experience and training vitally needed in the rapidly expanding digital design market, along with opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, entrepreneurship, and problem solving.

More information will be coming.....