Sunday, June 24, 2012

Arrived San Diego Friday afternoon.  Wow, I love San Diego - water, sail boats, no humidity, no clouds, beautiful, sunny - just love it.  Staying at the Hilton Bayfront which is right next to the convention center.  Immediately upon checking into my hotel, I had to go outside and look around.  I was only going to go for a short walk, but ended up walking all the way past the convention center (which I must add is quite long)  past the Marriott hotel, down to the Seaport Village which had a lot of little shops. I was wishing I had my camera, but wasn't planning on being gone that long.  

Went back to my hotel and rested a little and then decided to go to the Gaslamp area for dinner. Went to the Ocean Room, where I sat out side and ate seafood, of course. Sat outside overlooking the Gaslamp area.  Quite a nice restaurant and very relaxing atmosphere.  

Saturday morning I got up and worked on my Montana Digital Academy class and my WM-CSPD Moodle online class. I had to make sure all of my grading was up-to-date and my next week's curriculum was ready to roll out.  Got all of that taken care of and started studying for my co-presentation the next day - Shooting & Editing DSLR Video

Diane Woodard came in around 1 p.m. and we went to the convention center to pick up our registration packets and grab a quick lunch.  After lunch we went to the pool at the Hilton, which is right on the water. Went through our ISTE booklet to determine what sessions we might want to go to. 

That night we went to a Padre's game at PETCO Center which was right near the hotel.  We had great seats - 20 rows up from home plate.  Thanks to Scott Edge's sister, who got us the tickets!  It was fun to be at a professional baseball game.  I think the last time I was at a professional game was in high school.  I remember going to a Yankee's game.
 Monday got up early to meet Joe Dockery (the presenter) at 8 a.m. to get everything ready for the class that he was presenting and I was helping him with.  It was a great day, although, on my feet a long time.  This was a six hour presentation; three hours in the morning and three in the afternoon.  During the morning students learned about the DSLR camera settings and the afternoon students learned how to edit video using Adobe Premiere Pro.  This was a nice sized class with only eight people in it. 

After class we stopped by the Adobe booth.  This was actually quite a treat for me because for years I had been going to these types of conferences and would see all the exhibitors setting up their booths.  As attendee's we were never allowed to to go in to the exhibitor area until a certain day/time.  So this was just kind of a treat.

In the evening I caught a cab to the Island Prime restaurant for dinner. I have to say, it was a little taste of heaven for me - a restaurant right on the water!

Met a lot of great people, that speak my same language. Sat with a very nice gentleman, Johann Zimmerman from Adobe.  He is from Germany.  I spent quite a bit of time talking with him.  He told me he used to run the conferences, but doesn't anymore.  Little did I know he was going to be giving a speech and introducing the new "head guy" at Adobe.  I didn't expect that - he just seemed like a really nice guy.  I also sat next to Linda Dickerson, which was also a treat.  Joe Dockery introduced me to her books year ago, but I had never met her. Very nice lady.  I think I am really going to like this Adobe Education Leader program - lots of great people that speak my language.  I also like the way Adobe really seems to listen to the AEL's and make changes to their programs based on the feed back they get from their educators.

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