Sunday, December 30, 2012

asked me to review 10% of the Adobe, Inc. video content randomly to see if any appropriate education specific language is used and to correlate the feature list of each product with the tutorial list to see what features may have been "not covered" by their training.  I am excited to do this as I have used Atomic Learning in the past for my classes.  I will spend about twenty hours reviewing their videos and giving them a report on my findings as it relates to their requirements.  Great opportunity for me to review Adobe product content!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Had the opportunity to judge the Flat Classroom 12-2 media for the World Wide Web group. There were 23 videos that three of us viewed and voted on.  Students were to address the following issues: 

How the World Wide Web Has Changed the World
The New Age of Connectivity - Flattener #2, p 60-77 of the Flat Classroom Book written by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsey.
This flattener is identified as our ability to not only author our own content, but to send it worldwide with the 1995 launch of the Internet. Netscape and the Web broadened the audience for the Internet from its roots as a communications medium used primarily by 'early adopters and geeks' to something that made the Internet accessible to everyone from five-year-olds to eighty-five-year olds. (8/9/1995)
Overview of topic
  • Development of the Internet: low-cost global connectivity
  • The emergence of the World Wide Web: Individuals able to post content for world viewing
  • Spread of the commercial Web browser: Netscape and others, able to display WWW content on any computer, development of protocols enabling devices to talk to one another
Ideas related to this topic
  • Global Perspective on Internet connectivity
  • Digital divide issues
  • Standards and policies for use of the Internet and the WWW: comparing differences between countries
  • Development of eCommerce, dot-com boom and bust
  • Development of social interaction and communication between individuals via the Internet

How the World Wide Web has Changed the World, ideas to get started
  • Discuss the development of the WWW (Netscape etc) and associated protocols
  • Provide a perspective from your country on WWW standards and issues
  • Conduct a discussion about the use of the WWW in education and business (local and global perspectives)