Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When Missoula was Young - Getting it Together

What an exciting day!  Joe Fischer held a lunch meeting for interested social students students to explain the project.  He had about 15 students show up interested in the project.  This was a great start.

I also Skyped with Margaret Petty later in the afternoon to see how the process worked.  I sat at my teacher station at Sentinel High School and she used an iPad.  We decided to use Google Docs for creating and storing materials.  We created nine folders, one for each team.  We also created a folder for students to exchange information and documents and a folder for the public to provide us with documents.  We decided to use Google Docs for collaboration and recording our research.  Everything worked well, so I feel we got a good start with the technology we will be using.

We plan to have Margaret Petty meet with the high school students to further explain their role in the project.  We will then have  the Social Studies students meet face-to-face with the third graders to get the process rolling.  Each team will given the name of a Missoula person that they will have to research.

For more information about this project:  When Missoula was Young