Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flat Classroom Certified Teacher Program


Today I attended the first webinar for the Flat Classroom Certified Teacher Program. This was an introduction to the program.  

Next week we will begin our challenges.  In reviewing the documents, I see that the challenges for Module #1 are as follows:

Challenge #1:  Set up your RSS Reader
Challenge #2:  Set up your Blog

In addition, I need to comment on at least three blogs or sites in my PLN with my reflections on what they are saying. (Tag: fcc1_pln)  Set a time to talk to colleagues and/or administrators about what I am learning.  Discuss blogging with them and what I have learned.  Find out about expectations for authoring a professional blog in my school or educational community. I need to set up my blog with appropriate privacy and permission settings.  We are also invited to join the Flat Classrooms educational network and have my blog there (fcc2_blog).

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